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Adrenaline (Epinephrine) - 24 hrs urine

Adrenaline (Epinephrine) - 24 hrs urine

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Storage Temperature
R (2-8?C)

Specimen Type
Urine (10 ml of 24 Hours Urine. Use 10 ml of 6 M HCL Or Glacial Acetic Acid

Sterile Container

10 mL

24 H urine: 24 hour Urine should be collected and transferred to relevant Urine container with or without preservative. 20 ml of aliqout to be send to lab in refrigerated condition along with clinical history and mention Urine volume of 24 Hr collected sample for calculation purpose. Time of collection, start time to end time and exclude first urine sample and include last voided urine sample. Do not consume bananas, pineapple, chocolates, coffee, icecream, high diet in cereals and vanilla, potatoes and B complex 48 hours before collection. Provide CT scan , USG report and medication history.


Report Generation
3 Days